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About Us

Fihankra Place is a minority owned social service organization which has been in operation since 1998. Our name originates from Adinkra symbolism where symbols provide a visual representation of social thought relating to the history, philosophy and religious beliefs of the Akan peoples of Ghana and Cote'Ivorie. The symbol "Fihankra" represents enclosed house of security, safety, brotherhood and solidarity.

Fihankra Place, Inc. mission is to provide housing and basic life skills to at risk adolescents in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Fihankra Place, Inc. is pleased to present the Supervised Independent Living Service program (SILS). This program is designed to provide structured living arrangements and training in adult living skills.

Fihankra Place, Inc. Whole Life Wellness Center is dedicated to providing Mental
Health and clinical support and services to underserved communities in Washington DC. It is Fihankra’s philosophy and mission to restore families to their traditional greatness and closeness by rebuilding trusting relationships and family values.

Since its conception Fihankra has established and maintained resources to provide our youth with the tools necessary for successful transition into a self sufficient, adult lifestyle.

The mission of Fihankra Places' Supervised Independent Living is to assist young people toward independence. Young people face a complex world where broken homes, low structure and negative influences steer their decisions.
Fihankra's ability to anticipate the needs of youth led them to establish the Supervised Independent Living Program with 28 adolescent males and 17 females in September 1998.
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Fihankra SymbolThe symbol Fihankra was derived from a symbolic language of Adinkra from the West African country Ghana. Fihankra means...Safe place, Safe home or fenced home. Fihankra is a symbol of security and safety.

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