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Fihankra Place's programs set a higher standard of care for the wards of the District of Columbia. These creative and innovative programs provide effective quality services focused on moving individuals towards independence.

Main Facility Independent Living Program Services
For persons 16 to 21 years of age. This secure homelike environment currently manages 11 youth who were in need of stable placement. Fihankra is dedicated to the highest standards of unconditional care and stability, while providing positive role models as extended family members. This program maintains 95% of its targeted population and surpasses the contract agreement with DC Child and Family Services.

Teen Parents Program
Currently serving 24 teen-age parents and their children. The mission of this program is to assist teen parents in becoming self - sufficient, thereby decreasing dependencies from social services agencies. Essential components of the Teen Parents Program include; parenting skills, nutrition classes for teens mothers and babies, health care, money management, educational / vocational, employment and community transition skills

Residential Units Supervised Independent Living Program (SILS)
SILS is dedicated to providing a quality comprehensive education program designed to meet the diverse and changing education, social, economic, and cultural needs of the community. Fihankra Place SILS is committed not only to learning and the advancement of knowledge, but also the development of ethically sensitive and responsible persons. We seek to achieve these goals through a sound education program and through a code of conduct that encourages responsibility and respect for the rights and viewpoints of others.

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Members of Fihankra Place will be encouraged to develop a Systematic approach to: assessing personal needs, defining goals and objectives, and developing a life plan-
Fihankra's ability to anticipate the needs of youth led them to establish the Supervised Independent Living Program with 28 adolescent males and 17 females in September 1998.
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Fihankra SymbolThe symbol Fihankra was derived from a symbolic language of Adinkra from the West African country Ghana. Fihankra means...Safe place, Safe home or fenced home. Fihankra is a symbol of security and safety.

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