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Whole Life Wellness Center

Fihankra Place Whole Life Wellness Center is certified by the Department of Mental Health as a Core Services Agency (CSA).

Fihankra Place, Inc. Whole Life Wellness Center is dedicated to providing Mental Health and clinical support and services to underserved communities in Washington DC.  It is Fihankra’s philosophy and mission to restore families to their traditional greatness and closeness by rebuilding trusting relationships and family values.

Addressing the whole life of individuals includes the mind spirit and physical well being of a child and their family.  Fihankra’s Wellness Center is critically invested in an array of services to help adults and youth achieve their maximum potential.

Our mission is to improve the quality of the emotional life for children, youth and their families, by providing an integrated network of comprehensive, effective, and efficient behavioral health services that cultivates self-sufficiency empowerment, dignity, and respect.

Method of payment - Major Insurances Accepted (DC Medicaid, Care First BCBS, Chartered Health, Amerigroup, HealthRight and many more.) Self Pay (sliding scale)


Diagnostic  Assessments

Medication Somatic Treatment 

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Community Support
Programs & Services


Cultural Diversity Arts
Healing Performance Arts
Symptom Management

Grief & Loss

 Life Management Skills

 Community Transition

Alternative Detention

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Fihankra SymbolThe symbol Fihankra was derived from a symbolic language of Adinkra from the West African country Ghana. Fihankra means...Safe place, Safe home or fenced home. Fihankra is a symbol of security and safety.

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